First soldering of the SAM2695-PCB

I have to say that I'm a little bit nervous.. Will it work? This will be the second attempt to solder a PCB in my recently purchased Reflow-Oven. The first attempt - a dice PCB wich was sent as a kit with the oven - worked perfectly :-)

 Just placing the SAM2695 in the correct orientation to see hoe it will look.. The soldering pads are extremly tiny.. This is going to be the crucial part of the whole soldering. If one of the 42 pins has no connection or two of them are falsely conected, it probably won't work.. But it won't be the only problem, I will find out in some minutes..

Laying out all the components. Damn they are tiny.. Luckily I am shortsighted and I have a calm hand :-) Unfortunately I only got an Crystaloszillator with the wrong Size and it's not even an SMD-part. I knew this before but I did'nt get an accurate part from my supplier at this time. Let's try anyway!

The stencil is ready!


Not shown is the next step (putting the solder-paste on the PCB.. Forgot to take a Photo)

All the parts were placed at the right position in the right orientation. In fact it was relatively easy to place the parts on the board.


I thougt at this time, that the oscillator - a through hole device - can be soldered by hand afterwards. Well, let's see..

Placing the temperature sensor at the PCB.

in the oven...

This device controlled the temperature for the reflow soldering process...

After the soldering, letting it cool down...

Unfortunately, I got some unwanted connections around the SAM2695.. I tried to fix them with my soldering iron, but I made all just worser than before((


This attempt was not succesful...

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